Brenda Bonogofsky was born and raised in Fairfax, VA., where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree  in Biblical Studies at Cornerstone College.   She now lives in Billings,  MT with her husband, John, near his extended family.  Their son, Matthew, and his wife, Kira, have given them three beautiful grandkids.

    Whenever there was a need at Church,  with friends or family, Brenda has always been willing to help.  Several  years ago, Brenda had a dream about putting on a dinner for those in  the community that are having a difficult time.   She was not sure where  this dream would lead her, but then two years ago, the Lord spoke to  her about this dream and lead her to organize an event called The  People’s Banquet: A Picnic in the Park.   This event brought local  service providers together in one place to share their resources with  those in need who live in our community.

    Out of this event the newly branded  Peoples Community Outreach (PCO) was born. The Mission of the Peoples  Community Outreach is to make a positive difference in our community by  bringing God’s light and love through actions of material assistance and  encouragement.  PCO operates as a conduit between community members and  the many resources already established to meet the needs of the less  fortunate among us.